Sunday, 14 March 2010

Welcome to Evolve Training

Computers are here to stay and whether we like it or not, our dependancy upon them is only likely to increase.

At a time of great economic uncertainty, we hear about job losses by the hundreds, almost on a daily basis.

The Internet is predicted to double in size, over the next 5 years, so it's a fair assumption that the individual with a working knowledge of computers, has a greater chance of holding/gaining employment, than the individual without such skills.

If you don't know this already, there is a huge wave of excitement sweeping across the Internet at the moment, as people look to develop second-incomes and dare I say it, financial freedom!

Perhaps you are totally in awe of computers? Most people are at first, but such fears are easily overcome, with a little support and guidance. Whether you are a retired person, a student or an unemployed individual, if you would like to learn a new computer related skill, I can help you.

As we move deeper into the 'Information Age', you are in a position to decide whether you will watch the changes happen or if you will be part of those changes.

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The good news is that all courses are non-accredited, so they can be individually tailored to suit your needs.