Computers for Starters - If you're totally in awe of computers, this course is designed for you. I can show you how a few basic skills can become the foundation for big things. It's all about being brave enough to have a go, experiment and learn as you go. This is a totally open ended program, so it can be as long or as short as you like.

Internet Foundation - The Internet is growing like crazy and is set to double in size, during the next five years. If you ever thought that the Internet had already saturated, then I'd like to inform you that we are really only at the stage of 'Black & White Movies with no sound'. If you just want to learn how to browse the Internet, then I can help you to find your way around. On a more serious note, if you are interested in learning how to make money on the Internet, I can show you how to do this quite easily, without having to spend a penny!

Web Design - If you would like to learn how to build your own website, I can show you how to do this easily and cost effectively. Perhapy you would like to learn how to write web pages, using HTML? Or maybe you would rather use software packages, such as Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks? Either way, I can provide you with the skills that you need.

SEO - Also known as Search Engine Optimisation, I can teach you how to get your website found in the search engines. I can also show you how to decide if your website idea is worth pursuing or not!.

Microsoft Office - If you are looking to learn how to use the elements of MS Office, I can offer programs in Word, Excel and Access. If you are new to these packages or you have never used them before, I can show you how to perform such tasks as writing a formal letter or keeping track of your household or business expenditure.

Stock Market Investing - Are you one of those people who at said at some point, that you'd love to learn how to invest in the Stock Market? Many people have said this, but most don't learn, because they don't have the time or they simply don't know where to start. I can show you how to start and you will be amazed to know how you can amass a fortune by becoming an investor and following the strategies of Peter Lynch and Jim Slater. After the last two years, the Stock Market may seem like a terrifying place to be right now, but I guarantee that now is the perfect time to think about investing - in the middle of a recession.

Effective Public Speaking - Speaking in front of an audience is perhaps the most terrifying of ordeals. However, there is a secret to public speaking and I can show you how to use action to conquer fear. Overcome the fear of public speaking and the world is your oyster.

Mathematics & English - I can offer training in Mathematics and English Language, to Level 3 Standard.

Course Fees are £20 per hour or £30 for two hours.